Frequent Questions

Q: Is my account setup correctly?
A: If you connected at least one network and see content on your schedule than your account is setup with the basics.

Q: Why does "Posted by InStockSocial" show on my Facebook posts.
A: This only shows to page admins so you know who posted what, your visitors will not see it.

Q: How do I connect my business page instead of my personal account?
A: Click the network you want to connect on your networks page and after approving the required permissions you will be able to choose the business page you want to connect.

Q: Why didn't my MLS to Social buyers listing get posted?
A: We only post properties where you are the listing agent. We highly suggest you take a photo of the buyers in front of the house then post and tag them on social media for ultimate engagement from their friends.

Q: Do your paid solutions have contract terms?
A: No. Everything is month to month, no setup fees, with a 90 day money back guarantee. You can easily cancel everything in your account.

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